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20/05/ · P90X. Addeddate Color color Identifier img Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Sound sound. plus-circle Add Review. comment. 20/05/ · P90X. Topics research, video, training. P90X Addeddate Identifier img_ Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader plus-circle Add Download P90X by Beachbody for Free P90X new infomercial Share Watch on P90x is a top of the line workouts you can do at home. The program retails for around $ but here 30/12/ · Download P90X December 30, Updated March 23, Beachbody On Demandis now a thing. You can view P90X and every other Beachbody workout online 19/04/ · P90X Free Download Full Program - YouTube Here's a step by step tutorial on how to download the P90X program for free, disc by disc. Link to website: ... read more

yeah but people saying they wanted direct links and didnt wanna go through the hassle just trying to help everyone out.. make there life some what easier. thehybridpyro View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage. lol the torrent I used hase ISO images direct copies of the DVD with menus and everything. Originally Posted by thehybridpyro. nekromanitik View Profile View Forum Posts. Thanks man! I'm going to continue my Mon-Fri basic heavy weight training, and do Ab Ripper X on Sat and Yoga X on Sun, I guess. not2jackedyet View Profile View Forum Posts. Originally Posted by nekromanitik. Originally Posted by not2jackedyet. Thanks for doing this. Regardless of what people say, it's much appreciated as some of us are too stupid to figure out torrents.

tazula View Profile View Forum Posts. They are not playing right through. Do u know why? Quick Navigation Teen Bodybuilding Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums Forums Home Forums Main Forums Supplements Signature Series Product Reviews - Help Out! Supplement Logs Sponsored Supplement Logs Company Promotion Supplement Misc. Supplement Wars! Teen Workout Logs Over Age 35 Over 35 Workout Journals Over 35 Misc Female Bodybuilding Journaling Female Misc. Moderator Application Form BodySpace Profiles. Similar Threads Anyone interested in P90X for download? Shakeology is under priced too. You are paying for the ingredients. Beachbody packages it without the water or milk mixed in. If they were to make it mixed in with those, the packaging cost would go up by a large amount. They assume you have running water or can afford milk if your tastes desire to mix it in.

All you get in that is sodium, sugar, and electrolytes. With Shakeology you get those plus a ton of other healthy ingredients. I know your on board with the products but sometimes you have to see these things from the other side of it. TAKE A LOOK HERE BUD. I DRIVE LONG HUAL ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY. I DO KEEP WEIGHTS AND RESISTANT BANDS ON THE TRUCK AND TRY TO KEEP GOOD HEALTHY FOOD ON THE TRUCK. I ALSO KEEP GOOD VITAMINS AND OTHER HEALTHY PRODUCTS IN MY SYSTEM. MY PROBLEM IS THIS. THE ISSUE IS REALLY QUITE SIMPLE. I DONT GET TO STOP FOR EXTENTED PERIODS OF TIME.

OFTEN ONLY FOR AN HOUR AT BEST, BUT SOMETIMES LONGER. THIS IS THE OH SO SIMPLE YET DECIDING FACTOR FOR ME. PLEASE RESPECT ME ENOUGH TO BE A RATIONAL THINKER RATHER THAN A SALESMAN. You have a couple options. I tell people who do not have the time with P90X to do half of it one week and the other half the following week while still moving on to the next workout the following day. My favorite workouts which are under an hour are Power 90 and the 10 Minute Trainer. The 10 minute trainer might be perfect for you as you use bands for the entire workout. You can check them out in the Beachbody Store. so stop bitching about how expensive it is and buy P90X instead of trying to be an a-hole and download a crappy copy of it. I SIMPLY WANT TO MAKE MY OWN OPINION KNOWN. IT SEEMS A WASTE OF TIME TO SEE THAT PEOPLE ARE STILL DEBATING PAYING FOR IT VS FREE DOWNLOAD.

THE WAY I SEE IT IS IF YOU PAY FOR IT IT DOESNT SPELL SUCCESS UNLESS YOU STICK TO IT AND IF YOU DONT PAY FOR IT THE SAME APPLIES. I THINK WE ALL WOULD AGREE ATLEAST FOR THE MOST PART. I HAVE DONE THE WORKOUTS WITH OTHERS BUT HAVENT PURCHASED THEM BECAUSE I DRIVE SEMI RIGS ACROSS THE COUNTRY LONG HAUL AND I AM SUPER LIMITED ON SPACE. BOTTOM LINE IS THAT NOTHING VENTURED EQUALS NOTHING GAINED. THAT IS JUST MY OPINION. NOW P90X IT UP! The P90X is an investment and a good one too. The problem with getting a membership is unless you are a trainer, you really have no idea where to begin. So many people ask me if the P90X really works. My immediate reaction to this question is that you get out what you put into it. If you follow the workouts and the nutrition guide you cannot lose.

Also, may God and the California States Attorney have mercy on your soul. People who download free copies are slowly being prosecuted. The odds of not getting caught are in your favor, but why take the chance? Well, I downloaded it for free, after 90 days of training, I saw real fcuking results, so I bought the disk because dolllars for what I got was just amazing. It was a LIE to pull people into pulling up your article, in hopes of swaying them to PURCHASE it. I understand you might think that I am baiting and switching people from the catchy title and how I ended it. However, I think you missed the entire point of the article. In it I describe how Beachbody does not offer the P90X DVDs for download and why buying it guarantees you get everything you are supposed to get. If anything, my article brings up some very good points to people who are interested in starting P90X and how to get it.

ps — Stephen — need more money? Become a coach i. distributor with Beachbody. Pays for itself and then some. Im doing p90x with a couple buddies in a garage. So far after 2 weeks im feeling good, but sore all the time. This man right here will be one heck of a success story when i get to my goal. To reduce soreness you should really be using the P90X Recovery Drink. Buy a tub of it with your buddies and split the cost. I can tell you from experience that the stuff works. Go to the Beachbody Store and buy it. Keep sticking with it. If this product has been bought by millions of people the company is obviously not hurting financially. I am a full time student and I work full time. I will not be fat if there are ways out there to keep me in great shape.

This cost of this program is more than I am currently spending on fitness is over a year. If anything, the company should feel bad about being the robbers. Many would say that we are in a recession right now but I think of it as we are in a pattern of trying to find new ways to do business. Yes, P90X has been bought by millions of people and Beachbody is doing fine but that is a bad point. P90X is not just a 90 day thing, its a workout program for life. So how can the company pay you a salary and benefits?

Crazy huh? That was your economic lesson for the day. You know there was a time when people found alternatives when they couldnt afford things. Like buying a cheaper video…walking around the neighborhood.. jumping rope…playing tennis.. etc Now, its.. I can not understand why people fall prey to every advertisement they see and get this mentality that they have to have it at all costs. If you have a real desire to lose weight.. you can do it…If you can afford to buy the program.. buy it…If you can not afford it…find another program or research other exercise elements and put together what works best for you. I personally dont believe you have to take all these different supplements to get in shape and stay that way.

All these shakes that people spend hundreds of dollars on and meal bars.. baffle me…. I am a single mother of two children, I work at night 12hr and I go to school fulltime in the day…. my kids are involved in band, karate, ballet, science team,spelling bees, volunteer projects, church, and then whatever other things they come up with.. Basically i have a very full load and I still have to plan meals and make sure my kids as well as myself eat properly. I have tried p90x and I love it. Will I ever fork over that doesnt mean i am not worth the money.. it means that I may have bigger priorities than spending that type of money on a video tape.

I dont owe it to myself or consider it the only way to make an investment in myself. The best investment I can make is to use my brain and make the best choices health wise for myself. That is what I owe to myself.. not to go broke or go to jail to have something I dont need. This is the greatest workout video I have ever tried, and to those who can get it…I would definitely say Go For It!! To those who can not afford it…Dont Buy It…BUT ALSO DONT STEAL IT!!!! Hey Brad. I was wondering how much are you willing to help with me on the price for P90X? I just want a better body early because now I have the time.

Thank you for your time Brad. Hey brad i am currently in college, i on the basketball team but i still feel exhausted and that i am not in my best shape, i was womdering how much will you help me out in paying for P90X… i have been watching the users of P90x on you tube and they look so fit, please help!!! Looking at the beachbody website all I could find is DHL shipping for FPO. Can you help with this? Hey Brad, I work full time at a career job, at which Im stuck behind a desk all day. Plus I am a full time college student. I dont have a ton of time but I thought I can fit an hour into my morning for a workout that works. Im not over weight, and am decently fit. I currently pay for a gym membership but end up not going because I dont have time to change clothes workout and then shower and change again and get to class.

Any help would be awesome! I hear you about the gym. Its all because of P90X and other Beachbody workouts. Hey Brad, I am currently a full time college student along with a job. I was looking back at some high school pictures of when i was in wrestling. I want to get back into that body, back when i was quite fit, instead of what i have turned into with no time to work out. So i was wondering how you could help, thanks. It gives a good view on yet another reason to buy this program. Rent and tuition just costs too much! I was wondering if you could help me afford this workout plan more easily. Brad, I am 38 yrs old and seriously over weight. I have had 4 back surgeries. I have a 5 yr old that I can barely pick up and I do not want to be the kind of dad that cant help or be a part of my sons life. He is into sports and riding motorcycles, which I cannot due because of my size.

Will I be able to use p90x effectively or is there something else better? Money is tight, my wife is a full time student, have 2 kids and I was let go from my job because of my weight. So I am unemployed but I will do whatever it takes to get the money so I can purchase something to help me be a part of my kids lives. Thank you for any help. I sent you a detailed e-mail about this. If you did not get it I would suggest doing Power 90 and using Shakeology. This way you will build up your strength while putting nutritious meals into your body. When you are done with Power 90 then move onto P90X. Hey Brad, I recently finished the Power 90 workout program, and I now want to move onto P90X but the price is a tad high. I have read above that you are helping others out with the price, is there anything you can offer me? If not, thanks anyways. Hi, I am a 21 year old stay-at home mom.

I had an emergency c-section 9 months ago, and have recovered from it much better than I ever thought. My question is, should I go ahead and and jump into p90x and give it all I can, or start with something less intense first? I used to be fit when i was younger, but ever since high school and college kicked in, it all started going downhill, i do not feel the energy i once had. I joined a sport and i was getting exhausted quickly. I;ve started to grown a belly and i hate it. I really want to do this for myself and health. I am in college and broke and I recently bought the P90X program off of Craigslist from somebody. Any way you could help me with the price on the program? Sorry to hear about trying to buy P90X on Craigslist. This happens more than people know. I sent you an e-mail. I have a friend who also had a c-section and she is doing P90X with me and has had no problems at all.

i have to pay for my college and so i have to save. i read the comments and the information on this page and it would help me out alot if you could make p90x nore affordable. downloaded p90x for free and on day 26 u mad bro? results are already comin so i know u mad. hey there i am just wondering if the p90x is a good thing for me see i am 16 and have a very average build and 5ft 8 but have wanted to be more then that my dad has bought the dvds but never used them what do you think i should do. If I go to Px90, will I be able to get a very good shape within the 3 months? P90X will kick your butt over the next 90 days. Go to the Beachbody Store to check out what you get with it. Is there some kind of payment plan or anything I else I can do?

okay so i am broke and i went to the beach body store to try and down load it but i couldnt find it on there. I want an E-mail too! Will you send me one please? I just want check out what Doug and Eddy got. Although i am not a kid my age is sligtly misleading, I am currently taking growth hormones and have a bone age of I do not look close to my age and do not have facial hairs. I am however pretty athletic. Throughout high school i have done wrestling, track, cross country, and am currently trying to work out at the gym. Do you think p90x is appropriate for me? I purchased the p90x program three years ago, best workout program out there. The summer months i slack a bit, but will do the p90x total body workout two three times a week.

It keeps me in shape through the summer. Each time i started the p90x program it was like the workout from hell, but into the third week things aways got better, a great increase in strength, amazing results. My three sons ageing started after they could not keep up to me in a three mile run one day, they are in the millitary doing PT test throughout the year.. and i had not ran in 8 months. Just p90x.. Do it, you will not regret it. hey brad. I am 21, and weigh aprox lbs. I would not mind paying for the program at all, but I. i also lift weights 4x a week please reply!!!!!!! I just had a baby and I want to get back in shape. Is there anyway I can get a discount on this price? I am serious about getting in shape and I am tired of not being able to wear what I want and still look good without wearing a girdle like tank top. Yes, P90X will help you with this.

However, you need to be following the P90X meal plan. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be drinking Shakeology while using P90X. I tell everybody to do that, buy P90X and Shakeology. Latoya if you want it cheaper try amazon and ebay they have genuine p90x dvds, that are a lot cheaper than the plus dollars. This is partially true. The only genuine P90X dvds on eBay are used. Any P90X DVD claiming to be new on eBay is a fake and or scam. Beachbody does not sell on eBay but they do have an account on Amazon. However, I would recommend you buy it from the Beachbody Store new so you know you are getting a real copy. Along with that you will get a Beachbody Coach to help support you through it. This way you will not sell your P90X DVDs saying I did not use it. Is this program suitable for me if I have problems with my knees?

They show you how to modify every move including the high impact cardio laws. What happened over the first couple weeks is the areas around my knees got stronger so I could do the higher impact moves. I have started taking care of my body at age Arms, abs,. how can i put my p90x dvd videos on my ipod touch? the thing is that i have a very small place with many people walking around, like my little brothers, and i am trying to take it to the gym or my friends house. I do know they are coming out with a P90X app very soon so look out for that. I obviously purchased the P90X program way back when. I have all of the DVDs, but I am actually torrenting them online to get backup copies. Also, some of my DVDs freeze up.

I totally agree that paying for P90X is the right thing to do, and I have the DVDs should arrive this week.

Beachbody On Demand is now a thing. This is what you want. Beachbody does make you pay for it up front. If you are not happy with it within 30 days they will refund your money. With your Beachbody On Demand account you will be allowed to download the files for P90X to your computer. From there you will be given an encryption key to access them. As long as you keep your account active the encryption key will work. I understand this is not free and that there are torrent websites out there where you can download P90X for free. Many of the sites where you can download P90X do not include the P90X workout guide, P90X calendar, or P90X meal plan. The good news is you can get those for free from Beachbody. This is how you do it. Shreds Gnar. Practicing Libertarian. Beachbody Coach. Contact - Start Here - About - Recommends. This post is not going to change the minds of those who wish to download the damn thing.

Plain and simple. I agree, but hopefully it will inform people that Beachbody is not giving it away for a reason. Karma is a MFer. What are you smoking? I took those numbers from the person who wrote about it being worth it. They might have dial up for all I know so it could be the right info. At least we agree that people should not download P90X. In fact, I would estimate that less than half of those who purchase it ever finish it. P90X is an extreme workout that requires MORE mental energy than physical energy. We have both seen more success from people who buy P90X versus the ones who download P90X. Put down the facts — It will give you more credibility. Bring It! Can you please describe what facts I need to say? Everything I wrote on the post is from what I have found and or experienced. I downloaded it took bout 6 days to download theres no difference besides the fact your a pussy if you buy it… a video is a video there isnt just 1 4 buyers n downloaders its the same only difference if u buy it u have bragging rights but who gives a shit if u download it u can kick every1s ass who disagrees.

I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. Wow people are ridiculous — good, professional handling of all of them Brad. And an excellent article to begin with. I borrowed a friends copy to get me by this summer, its not a hard workout bu very effective. Its worth the money though. The stupid guy with all the cussin, just get off, go steal it or whatever you want, none of us are going to change your mind. I as with all of us cant work for free either, how do you think we all got that fat to lose? We are VERY BLESSED! I bought the program, required equipment and supplements and I have never been so motivated. I have experience with first graders, so to Mr. This site says a lot about having good character.

I takes a commitment and dedication to start and finish this program, so considering the success rate for buyers vs. You called him a pussy. Nice work on staying committed. P90X is not just a 90 day thing. Its a lifestyle change. These are in fact the most expensive home workout dvds that I know of. But awhile back I splurged anyway on the Power The P90X informercial is just so alluring, and Tony Horton is pretty convincing at seeming like he honestly knows how to get you in shape. I gave it a chance though. But the fact is, this stuff works.

And by the way, Brad do toss up another giveaway soon. I want you to buy my P90X system for me ok bro? I liked your article and you handled the comments well. Some of the comments were ridiculous and immature. I have used P90X for almost two years. It cost me around 5 a month? Pennies a day? The cost is not significant. The real benefit for a guy closer to 50 than 40 is: 6ft, lbs, 14 body fat, low cholesteral, low blood pressure, better mood, sleep better, think clearer, more energy, smile more, clothes fit better, better balance, good flexibility, no medication etc etc etc. I play basketball and soccer with kids much younger than me. I see guys younger than me and older than me in bad shape.

They rarely smiling, confidence is low etc. You need to go ahead and buy this thing if you are on the fence. Get some Shakeology too. I use both and love them. Make an investment in yourself. This program is really important for the older people that need to maintain muscle, good balance etc. Great post, man! Some of us think God is an imaginary being. So, like, threatening people with hell and all that jazz just makes you look like an idiot. Mercy on our souls? Thanks for commenting. Your IP address came from a Louisville. This leads me to believe that you are 18 — 22 years old and when the movie Billy Madison came out in you were 3 to 7 years old. This would make you too young to remember one of the funniest quotes from the movie which I was referencing.

So to you this time, I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Maybe you need to read the post and their comments again to see what this post is really about. Every time I say I am just going to do half a workout because I had a busy day, I end up doing the entire workout. That feeling you get from the program that makes you want to keep going is priceless. Most people that have success with the programs are more likely to purchase Beachbody supplements because they have had success with the program. They then trust that the company makes quality products. I would not even waist time reponding to some of these posts. On another subject I am noticing an energy boost when I drink Shakeology. I had energy all day yesterday. I worked out in the morning, spent 9 hours at work and then worked around the house for hours when I got home. I just felt super all day. Man, I would love to have enough of an income that I could share your outlook of this stuff not being that expensive.

So… not really a great way to convince the average joe that this price is a bargain. So considering that, you can kind of imagine how it comes across when anyone acts like the price of these Beachbody products is not that expensive. And hey! Two very big thumbs up to Beachbody! And the Shakeology… bucks a month for a nutrition shake omfg are you kidding me?! a fortune! You make some very valid points. When you take everything into consideration you will see that P90X is under priced. The average person has not paid for a personal trainer but a gigantic percent of the population has wasted their money on a gym membership. Think of all your friends, family members, co-workers, and maybe yourself who have paid for a gym membership and never went.

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30/12/ · Download P90X December 30, Updated March 23, Beachbody On Demandis now a thing. You can view P90X and every other Beachbody workout online 19/04/ · P90X Free Download Full Program - YouTube Here's a step by step tutorial on how to download the P90X program for free, disc by disc. Link to website: 20/05/ · P90X. Addeddate Color color Identifier img Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Sound sound. plus-circle Add Review. comment. 25/07/ · Complete P90X 12 Discs & Guides (Up For Download) I will not be keeping the thread alive. Dont hate had a lot of people asking for the complete set so here it is. Im not Download P90X by Beachbody for Free P90X new infomercial Share Watch on P90x is a top of the line workouts you can do at home. The program retails for around $ but here µTorrent Downloads for Windows The #1 torrent PC software for Windows with over 1 billion downloads. Get µTorrent Classic Pro For Windows Added Security Ad-free Learn more BUY ... read more

Sign up Log in. P90X Movies Preview. Some of us think God is an imaginary being. denbrkln View Profile View Forum Posts. I DRIVE LONG HUAL ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY. I have had 4 back surgeries. Sorry to hear about you wasting 5 hours trying to download P90X.

how does it work?. The real benefit for a guy closer to 50 than 40 is: 6ft, lbs, 14 body fat, low cholesteral, low blood pressure, better mood, sleep better, think clearer, more energy, smile more, p90x torrent download, clothes fit better, better balance, good flexibility, no medication etc etc etc. Nice work on staying committed. Bubba Congrats p90x torrent download losing over pounds. It cost me around 5 a month?