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Tales From The Loop - English Edition April Tales From The Infinite November Tales From The Drunk Diet July 0 Tales From The Fallen Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Flag for inappropriate content of 15 TALES FROM THE LOOP Trwała II wojna światowa. Hitlerowskie Niemcy i Rosja Stalina posyłały na Tales from the Loop - Free League Workshop - The Bhargast (1).pdf Uploaded by Scott Tay Copyright: © All Rights Reserved Available Formats Download as PDF, TXT or read online 7/04/ · Download and Read Books in PDF The "Tales from the Loop"book is now available, Get the book in PDF, Epub and Mobi for Free. Also available Magazines, Music and other 7/04/ · Download Tales From the Loop Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle The basis for the new Amazon Prime Original Series! Perfect for fans of E.T. and Stranger Things—the first narrative ... read more

What is known is that military robot prototypes have been spotted on the premises, and that the facility is guarded around the clock. Once an important island during the Viking Age, the island is dotted with graves from the Bronze Age and forward. Two old stone fortresses can be found here, mostly overrun by nature, but their once proud selves can still be glimpsed. LILLA STENBY A small village with roughly inhabitants, Lilla Stenby houses a small food store and a harbor with a ferry that connects it to the island of Munsö. Among the old stones and grassy hills are a few houses and a church. According to the historical chronicle The Life of Ansgard by Rimbart, these are the graves of the kings Olof, Björn, and Erik.

These kings were the ones that first received the Christian missionaries to Sweden, and probably resided here in Hovgården. Home to a dozen kids of various backgrounds, and a number of staff that live and work here, the building only sees regular visitors when food and other supplies arrive every other week. Sometimes kids manage to escape from the facility, prompting the police to come looking for them, and most often finding them quickly. However, people are still talking about the two kids from Norrland that disappeared a few years back, never to be seen again. Some say they drowned in Lake Mälaren trying to swim to the mainland, others claim they were seen sneaking around the tombs of Hovgården before they got lost. The location was chosen because of the proximity to the capital, but also because the bedrock here was considered suitable for constructing an underground facility of this magnitude.

To oversee this huge project, the state agency Riksenergi was created, and immediately granted plentiful funds. Considered by some a sister organization to Televerket, the state-owned telephone and communications operator, in reality Riksenergi has next to nothing to do with its more mundane sibling. Under the first director, Sten Ankarsjö, the agency started recruiting top scientists from around the country. Riksenergi is by far the largest employer on the Mälaren Islands, and as such, is generally viewed favorably by the population. Even though security around the vital installations especially the installations below ground is tight, movement on the islands is relatively unrestricted. The Mälaröarna Facility was built by the newly formed government agency Riksenergi, together with the state-owned corporation Atomenergi, on the island of Munsö, some 26 kilometers northwest of downtown Stockholm. Construction began in , using the best of Swedish engineering and know-how.

Tunnels were blasted deep into the bedrock, creating the enormous loops for the world's largest particle accelerators, centered around a huge chamber housing the Gravitron. The facility was powered by the Bona reactor, a subterranean nuclear power plant whose most prominent feature are the three huge cooling towers, the tallest rising meters above the rural surroundings. The main particle accelerator, Prim-1, has a diameter of 26 kilometers, unsurpassed anywhere in the world. It is capable of performing experiments that were previously only dreamt of.

Add to this the access tunnels and other underground installations, and one has one of the most impressive engineering feats ever seen. It isn't known how a small nation like Sweden could afford such a massive undertaking, as large parts of the project's budget were classified, but there's speculation that private investors, international corporations, universities, and the US government provided funds in exchange for access to the facility and the results of the research conducted there. To enter the main entrance of the Loop, a visitor needs to pass through two security checks, have valid credentials, and be scheduled to work or visit, making it next to impossible for any unwanted intruders to slip in. It is safe to say that no Kids will be allowed in here through any means. However, there are a number of service tunnels stretching below and around the islands, and these have separate entrances. Though guarded by security systems, and requiring special codes and cards to open, there have been rumors that some locals have managed to open one of these entrances, and have snuck around in the tunnels for short periods before being discovered.

Not much is publicly known about what kind of experiments are performed at the facility. Some claim that Riksenergi has failed to get the installation to perform at its full capacity, others that the nature of the experiments have changed drastically since the second director, Hans Albrechtsson, took over the reins at Riksenergi. What is known is that US delegations, some of them uniformed, have visited the facility, fueling speculations that the science worked on at the Loop might somehow have military applications. Most of the projects and experiments conducted at the Loop are secret, which has resulted in a lot of speculation.

The nature of some of the anomalies appearing in the area gives some hints, though. The high energies released in combination with ex- periments with anomalous materials are believed to cause minor and major resonance cascades, which in turn, opens rifts in the space-time continuum. There are persistent rumors of large, reptilian animals having been seen in the woods on the Mälaren Islands. There are rumors of an illness among the workers, scientists, and other staff working in proximity to the Gravitron. It appears that the longer someone is exposed to the Gravitron, the higher the risk of developing the disorder. Unconfirmed rumors claim that Riksenergi employees fill a whole wing at the Beckomberga psychiatric hospital in west Stockholm.

One intriguing, and not completely understood, type of machinery is the echo sphere, which appears here and there in the landscape. These metal spheres, up to a few meters in diameter, each accessible through a round hatch, lie seemingly abandoned in the countryside around the Loop. The spheres can feel warm to the touch or icy cold , give off a tingling sensation, cause nausea, or emit flashing lights emanating from the inside. What their true purpose was — or is — is not known. Maybe they are still active somehow. Unconfirmed reports from locals claim that animals and even people that have entered some spheres have vanished into thin air. Whatever the truth of the matter is, most agree that echo spheres are best left alone. This meant that magnetrine ships also known as Gauss freighters can only travel along routes in the northern hemisphere, spanning the northern three quarters of the Eurasian continent, North America, and the north Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Traditional shipping by ocean-going ships is still very much in use, both in the rest of the world and in the magnetrine shipping zone. In Sweden, exports like cars, iron ore, paper, and timber are shipped via magnetrine ships to destinations ranging from Japan in the east to California in the west. The powerful magnetic fields created by the larger magnetrine ships make it inconvenient to have them travel through densely populated areas, as they affect local electronics. Most coastal cities have magnetrine ship ports, where the cargo is usually loaded on trucks for local and regional distribution.

Railway transport is faster than magnetrine vessels, and the same goes for road transport. Airplanes still have their role, too, as they are faster and not limited by the magnetic fields, but there are magnetrine luxury liners for those who like to travel in style. The principle of the magnetrine drive is simple: magnetrine discs mounted along the bottom part of a hull are charged, the resulting magnetic field repelling the ship against the magnetic field of the Earth, providing the lift needed. The discs on modern vessels are auto-correcting, adjusting to local variations in the magnetic field. Most magnetrine ships are diesel-powered single or twin turbine vessels with a deadweight tonnage DWT, the weight of everything the ship carries, excluding the ship itself of up to 80, metric tons.

Some of the largest freighters are nuclear-powered. There are also the smaller vessels for local transport, service and maintenance, military operations, and so forth. Magnetrine discs are used for other purposes, too, such as unmanned drones, road traffic control, construction of buildings, and suspending billboards in the air. After many weapons projects, 30 the strengths and weaknesses of the technology have become evidently manifest. First out of the block were the Soviets, as Mikhail Vorobyev had discovered the effect back in World War II was over before it could be applied to weapons it was originally a spinoff find while researching long-distance missile guidance systems , but during the first years of the Cold War, Soviet scientists experimented with magnetrine technology and armored vehicles.

After Soviet scientist Vladimir Degtaryev defected to the West in , the US got access to the technology, and soon several other Western countries did, too. One obvious area of research was armored vehicles. Magnetrine hovertanks proved to be problematic, though. The limitations of armor-to-lift ratios made the tanks too lightly armored, and coupled with the raised silhouette, hover tanks proved to be unsuitable for the modern battlefield. The area where magnetrine technology proved useful was in supply and trans- THE AGE OF THE LOOP port.

Magnetrine transports filled the niche between wheeled trucks and helicopters, combining capacity with all-terrain access. Magnetrine cargo and troop transports became part of frontline units, as well as lightly armored reconnaissance vehicles. When the self-balancing issue was solved by Iwasaki in the late s, military self-balancing autonomous systems — or robots — soon saw the light of day. Instead, they were useful for sentry duty and load carrying. As artificial intelligence improved, robots became more independent, like the Swedish-built ABM Problems with military robots have usually been associated with poor or rogue AIs. As for Sweden, secret research conducted at the FOA facility at Sätra on Munsö included military robots.

Despite safety measures, some of the robots are known to have escaped. It is possible that their AI is a little too good, as there are rumors that not all of them have been rounded up. Swedish Army AMAT-2 quadruped robots, painted in a standard army camouflage pattern, have been deployed from time to time in order to deal with extraordinary incidents on and around the islands. The AMAT-2 and its predecessor, AMAT-1, have been successful exports, serving in the armies of Norway, Austria, Brazil, South Africa, and Malaysia. Even if Swedes would have liked to see it as a Swedish project through and through, it was clear that a lot of the technology and expertise behind the facility was developed in other countries, primarily in the USA.

American experience and technology from similar projects in the Nevada desert turned out to be invaluable in the construction of the Loop. Some even say that the whole project was only possible because of an American desire to have a technological presence in the Baltic Sea area. There was much speculation about what part the Loop played in the Cold War, and some questions may never be answered. The Loop might have reached its highest level of notoriety in Sweden, but it got its start as a top-secret military project in the USA. While it started out in the early days of the Cold War in the s, the US Loop peaked in the heady years of the s. The Loop was originally meant to investigate the possibility of instantaneous teleportation between two points on the planet. It was formed under the auspices of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA , which was known simply as ARPA at the time.

President Dwight D. But that initial promise — secret as it might have been — was never fulfilled, and the city seems to have suffered for it. Strange airships scud across the sky, floating atop gigantic magnetrine discs. Robots perform a lot of the heavy labor, often guided by human operators — but sometimes not. At the same time, that faith turns out to be founded on a pack of lies. Instead, in , he negotiates for them to be held until his inauguration, to help him win the election. For the most part, though, no one knows this until later in the decade. And to Kids in America, little of this matters directly to them anyway. That starts to change in , when Congress forces the states to raise the national drinking age to Meanwhile, the era of Free Love comes to an end with the rise of HIV and AIDS.

This world-wide epidemic infects millions of people who share dirty needles or have unprotected sex. Military service is entirely voluntary. The US invades the Caribbean island of Grenada in and Panama in December of , but both operations are swift, limited, and conclusive. There are only four major TV stations in most of the country: ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS Public Television. In , Fox joins the fray. Cable TV is still rolling out over much of the nation, bringing new channels like HBO, MTV, and ESPN to American households. Cartoons start being broadcast in the afternoons, after school, rather than just on Saturday mornings. During the decade, the Federal Communication Commission ends the prohibition of toy companies making cartoons based on their products. They flood the airwaves with toy-based shows, including Transformers, My Little Pony, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, G.

Joe, and Thundercats. GROWING UP IN AMERICA Being a kid in s America feels like being stuck between a wild, dangerous past and an even stranger and more complicated future. Your grandparents fought in World War II. Your parents either fought in or protested the Vietnam War. The Cold War seems to be heating up to the ignition point, and if you manage to survive that, you can see a corporate-owned, cyberpunk future to eight D-cell batteries. They also watch movies and TV shows on VCRs — both in VHS and Betamax formats — and swap copies of tapes recorded off broadcast TV with each other. In certain areas, these games are banned — along with heavy metal music recordings — for fear that they might have a demonic influence on the kids who play them.

The Satanic Panic causes a lot of hand-wringing, but the added notoriety seems to sell even more games and records than before. This changes in when the relatively inexpensive Nintendo Entertainment System reaches America, and Super Mario Bros. storms the nation. THE US LOOP heaving toward the digital horizon. The only cell phones anyone has at this point are the size and weight of a brick, and they usually come attached to a car. You have paper maps that no one can seem to fold back together, and you have your memories. The upside is that no one can reach you unless you want to be found, and the idea of someone tracking you using an array of satellites ringing the planet seems like something out of Star Trek. The only apps anyone has come before dinner at your favorite restaurant.

In America, you start school with kindergarten at the age of five. Grade school ranges from 1st through 5th or 6th grade, after which you go to middle school or junior high. High school usually starts with 9th grade and ends at 12th. Most kids go to public schools, which are free, although some parents pay tuition to send their kids to private schools instead. After high school, you head off to college or technical school — both of which you must pay for — or enter the job market straight away. Divorce rates reached a peak in the s, leaving lots of kids living in single-parent homes. Most kids in such situations wind up living with their mothers. Sometimes they spend every other weekend with their fathers, who end up playing a smaller part in their lives.

Almost all kids spend a good chunk of their waking hours in school. They tend to themselves, and sometimes younger siblings, until their parents get home from their jobs. In their spare time, many kids listen to tunes — including this new thing called rap music — on the radio or on cassettes. It started out as a town for the workers who labored on the Hoover Dam — which was originally known as the Boulder Dam. It was intended to be a model city for the area, but once the dam was finished, most of the businesses — and people — in the area moved off to Las Vegas or parts unknown instead. Most of the city went up between and , so by the start of the s, no building is over fifty years old. Unlike most cities in Nevada, gambling is prohibited inside Boulder City, which makes it feel a bit more normal than gambling meccas like Las Vegas. Less than 10, people live in the city at the start of the s. By the end of the decade, there are about 12, in total. Everything is spread out over an area of square miles, giving everyone in the city plenty of room.

The middle class lives below them, and the poorest people are at the bottom of the slope. The lots for homes at the top of the slope are spacious and friendly, but as you move down the slope, they become smaller and rougher. In the game, of course, Kids can be any race they like. The city sits on the eastern edge of the Pacific Time Zone UTC GETTING AROUND Most Kids walk around Boulder City or ride their bikes, but they can also grab a ride on the local bus 38 system, which even has intercity connections to Las Vegas. Lots of Kids ride standard BMX-style bikes, but as they get older, they often move up to road bikes. Few people have even heard of mountain bikes at the time. During the winter, though, a die-hard few will venture inside for the daily hours of free play between and 5 PM. in your life — at least to keep you from being bored out of your mind — are your friends.

Most Kids hang out in town instead. HANG OUT AT THE POOL As hot as Boulder City can be, many kids head straight to the city pool once school lets out. Some kids stick around until sunset, although most head home after 5 PM to join their families for dinner. The wealthier kids might have Nintendo Entertainment Systems or even an old Atari machine kicking around. Others turn toward tabletop games which are cheap and endlessly renewable entertainment. Without a means of communicating with each other, most gamers have to figure out how to play the games themselves, rather than being taught. Miniatures games like Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40, become incredibly popular during this time, too. Kids spend hours painting their armies of lead figures and then pitting them against each other on dining room tables and disused ping-pong tables across the country.

For kids that have cable, MTV is where they get their fix, but others are restricted to watching Friday Night Videos every week instead. This new art form popularizes music of all kinds, driving them to even greater heights of sales. Most kids buy their music on cassettes. While the music CD debuts in , CD players cost hundreds of dollars at the time and only wind up attached to high-end audio systems for most of the s. INSIDE BOULDER CITY Kids who live in Boulder City spend most of their time there. If their parents like the big city, the Kids might get hauled off to Las Vegas for shopping trips, concerts, or shows. If they like the great outdoors, they might visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area on the far side of Las Vegas, or they could even take a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

THE BOULDER THEATER The Boulder Theater is the center of the downtown shopping district. THE BOULDER DAM HOTEL This sun-bleached small hotel once housed important people visiting the dam when it was being built. Still, important outsiders often stay here because of its central location. The Elks Club purchased the place in , and turned the terminal into its clubhouse. Some kids claim the airstrip still gets used by secret government planes traveling in the dead of night, but no one has any actual proof. BOULDER BOWL This 8-lane bowling alley opened in , and still feels like a throwback to that time. Kids often come here to kill some time in the air conditioning. LAKE MEAD Lake Mead is an artificial lake created by the construction of the Hoover Dam to block the Colorado River, which forms the local border between Nevada to the west and Arizona to the east.

It was built and operated by the US Bureau of Reclamation, a division of the Department of the Interior, which is still one of the biggest employers in Boulder City. The massive concrete structure stretches over 1, feet across the Black Canyon, and stands over feet from the top to bottom. It runs from the mouth of the Grand Canyon all the way to the Hoover Dam. People from Boulder City head east on Highway 93 until they reach Lakeshore Road, from which they can reach the Las Vegas Boat Harbor, the Boulder Beach Campground, and Boulder Beach. AREA 51 In the s, aliens supposedly landed in this legendary part of the Nevada Test and Training Range run by the US Air Force, although no evidence of this has ever been produced.

It sits over 80 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, out past the Nevada Test Site, where the US military used to test atomic bombs. NUCLEAR TESTING In the s, casinos in downtown Las Vegas actually advertised suites from which visitors could watch the glow from the nuclear explosions light up the night. VALLEY OF FIRE STATE PARK Just west of the northernmost tip of Lake Mead sits the Valley of Fire, so named for the red sandstone formations that jut out of the desert floor. Native Americans known as the Anasazi once lived here, and the petroglyphs they left behind can still be found on sheltered walls and inside caves. LAS VEGAS AND BEYOND A wider world awaits beyond the borders of Boulder City. Heading west on Highway 93 brings you to Henderson, Nevada, and some 14 miles beyond that lies Las Vegas. This is the largest city in Nevada, and you can see the lights from its casinos blazing through the desert sky all night long.

THE STRIP The Strip is a series of world-famous casinos that sit along South Las Vegas Boulevard. President Eisenhower ordered the development of the Department of Advanced Research into Teleportation DART to oversee the project. Most outsiders assumed it was the Department of Advanced Research and Technology, and no government official ever dared correct them. The fact that Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam have become tourist destinations for people visiting nearby Las Vegas causes the DART security team fits at times, but others see that as conveniently providing cover for them to indulge in their most paranoid fantasies about spies and other potential breaches. It runs deep underneath all of Boulder City, encompassing a large chunk of the municipality within its circumference. No one is allowed into any DART facilities without the proper credentials being presented at the main offices, which are located in a high-fenced compound that sits next to the golf course on the outskirts of town.

Some people have noticed a number of Swedish scientists are regularly roaming in and out of town, staying at local hotels. No Kids are allowed inside the DART Loop, not even on Take Your Kid to Work Day. With the right tools, someone might be able to sneak down into the tunnels beneath the city, and maybe even get into the main headquarters before they were detected. A faint tune hummed from within the sphere when the wind resonated between the steel walls. Kalle and Olof immediately ran inside and started shouting to test the echo. A pair of nervous ospreys wheeled above the sphere. I remained outside, reminded of that first day there with my grandfather.

Thinking back on it now I realize that this is probably my first memory of experiencing nostalgia. Each player creates a Kid. The process is shown stepby-step and then explained more thoroughly. There are four pre-made Kids at the end of this book. These can be used to start playing immediately, without having to create characters for the game. Choose your Type. Decide your age, from 10 to 15 years. Distribute a number of points equal to your age in the four attributes, 1 to 5 points in each. Determine your number of Luck Points, equal to 15 minus your age. Distribute 10 points in skills. You may take up to level 3 in the three key skills of your Type. For other skills, a starting skill level of 1 is the maximum. Pick an Iconic Item. Pick a Problem. Pick a Drive. Pick a Pride. Define your Relationships to the other Kids and to the NPCs. Select an Anchor.

Name your Kid. Write a short description. Choose your favorite song. DO THIS TOGETHER: TYPES Choose which Type your Kid is. There should preferably only be one Kid of each Type in the group. You speak with mad poets and discuss the meaning of life with philosophers who died hundreds of years ago. You have secret rendezvous at Alpine peaks and shootouts with Russian agents. In real life, you wish that your pimples would not show as much as they do, and you long for the day you will leave this place, so that your real life can truly begin. Who cares what all the others think? that horrible teenager Peter. She thinks they are aliens. The smell of corn and the grateful sounds that the cows make at morning milking have been a part of your life since you were born. You know how to build and repair an engine, how to drive a tractor, and how to hunt and slaughter animals.

Richards] asked me if we could help her out on her boat this weekend. I wish I could help him. Nothing beats the feeling of a perfect shot, the aching muscles after training, and the companionship with teammates. You wish everything in life was as easy. training session and asked the coach if we wanted to take part in some kind of medical experiment, but I could tell she was lying about something. I wonder what they are up to? I talked to him and he said something horrible is happening at Svartsjölandet. When that song had finished playing, you had found a home. You are an insane hard rocker who is high on life and play music so loud that the windows crack.

In any case, you wish it would be like that. Your classmates are afraid of you or look up to you, the teachers hate you, and everybody is nagging you to change. When life turns on you, humiliates you, and hurts you, there is only one thing to do. Fight back. I actually like him, though he keeps talking about how the owner of the company NAAB [NAI] destroyed his life and the lives of many others. You want the world to see that you are different. One day you will outshine them all. She hates all grownups. Now he has disappeared. Choose your age freely. Your age affects your attribute score and the amount of Luck Points you have, but also how you picture the Kid in your mind and how you play the character.

YOUR BIRTHDAY: Determine freely what the date of your birthday is. The attributes are: body, tech, heart and mind. The attribute scores range from 1 to 5, and correspond to the number of dice that you roll when you try to overcome Trouble. CHOOSING YOUR AGE As you have noticed, being older means higher attribute scores but fewer Luck Points. Higher attribute score mean you will always be better at certain actions, while more Luck Points make you more versatile. STARTING SCORES: Distribute points equal to your age in the four attributes.

Your starting score can be no higher than 5 in any attribute. You need to take at least 1 in each attribute. When you turn a year older, you gain another attribute point to spend. You can spend it on any attribute you like, but no attribute score can ever go above 5. When you turn 16 years old, you are no longer a Kid for the purposes of this game. Time to make a new character. GROWING OLDER: LUCK POINTS The so-called Luck Points are something you can use to overcome Trouble more easily — they give you the chance to re-roll dice. In this game, younger Kids are luckier than older ones. You start the game with a number of Luck Points equal to 15 minus your age.

Your Luck Points are replenished at the beginning of every session. You cannot save Luck Points from one session to another and you can never go above your starting number. When you turn a year older, your maximum number of Luck Points is permanently reduced by one. SKILLS Each attribute has three connected skills. These are areas where the Kid can be well trained. The level of a skill varies between 0 and 5, and corresponds to how many dice you can add to the dice roll when you try to overcome Trouble, in addition to the dice from your attribute. At the start of the game, you distribute 10 points among your skills. ITEMS Some Items can be useful to overcome Trouble. Items can give a bonus to the dice roll, from extra dice to roll. To get a bonus from an Item, it must be obvious how it is of use to you. The Gamemaster should disallow unreasonable attempts to use Items.

This can be a stick in the woods, a Coke bottle or a notepad. The Gamemaster decides which objects are Items that give a bonus and which are just props. ICONIC ITEM You start the game with one Iconic Item; it works just like other Items, but it also says something about who you are. This Item gives two bonus dice in a situation where it can be used to help you to overcome Trouble. The Iconic Item will not disappear or break whatever happens, unless you want it to. The Iconic Item cannot be used by other Kids. GAINING NEW ITEMS You may find or build things, or train Creatures, to get new Items during a Mystery. Often, Items that can be encountered are described in the Mystery.

LOSING ITEMS Between Mysteries, all Items are lost except the Iconic Item. Inventions break, domesticated animals run away or die, the police collect a runaway robot. If you want to keep an Item, you may choose to replace your Iconic Item. If you play a Mystery Landscape Chapter 7 , the Gamemaster decides if the Items are deleted at the end of every session or on special occasions that mark a transition from one part of the story to another. PROBLEM All Kids have a Problem. You may have kept yours to yourself or told the other Kids. The Problem is a part of Everyday Life, something that worries you. During the game, the Gamemaster will use the Problem to put you in Trouble. If you solve the Problem, then you must pick a new one before the next Mystery.

You should choose a Problem that you want to explore during the Mysteries. It helps you to understand your Kid, and makes it easy to start a new Mystery; whatever happens, the Kids will want to figure it out. You may change your Drive between Mysteries. PRIDE Every Kid has a Pride, something that makes you feel strong, important, and valuable. Pride may be well known to the group, or a secret. The Gamemaster should use the Pride to put you in Trouble by setting up scenes that highlight or threaten the Pride. A classmate turns out to be as good or better than you at school.

Dad is losing his job at the fire station. An animal is tormented. Pride is also a tool for you to understand and play your Kid. Problem and Pride may interact, and Pride can even become a Problem, but it may also be two separate things. You can change your Pride between Mysteries. Once per Mystery, you may check your Pride to get one automatic success in a dice roll. You can check your Pride after a failed roll, or even after a successful roll in order to get an extra success page You must explain how your Pride helps you. If the Mystery takes several sessions to play, or if the group plays the Mystery Landscape, Pride may be checked once every session.

EXAMPLE The Gamemaster: The hole in the ground is dark and damp, and you hear something echoing down there. When you lean in over the hole, it sounds like laughter. Mad mechanical laughter. Player 1 Olle : I back away from the hole. The Gamemaster: Roll sneak. This is best done together with the other players. The Relationships can be changed between Mysteries as the Kids are affected by what happens. You should also choose two Relationships to NPCs. The NPCs that are mentioned in the Type descriptions are part of the Mystery Landscape Chapter 7.

If you want to write your own Relationships and NPCs, you need to do it together with the Gamemaster, so that those NPCs can easily be connected to the Locations in the Mystery Landscape. The NPC Relationships are meant to be a connection between the Kids and the strange things that will start happening as the game is played. If the group has decided to play only pre-written Mysteries and not use the Mystery Landscape, the THE KIDS Gamemaster can let the players create NPC Relationships that are part of Everyday Life and not connected to Locations.

These Relationships are used to set scenes from Everyday Life. ANCHOR All Kids have an Anchor, a person that you can go to for support, comfort and care. It can be a friend, a parent, a teacher or a neighbor. It cannot be another Kid. If you suffer from one or more Conditions below , you can spend a scene with your Anchor and heal all Conditions. You must allow the Anchor to take care of you, and there must be a physical or mental closeness between you. The Gamemaster is not allowed to put you in Trouble in this scene. Player 1 Olle : I need to heal my Conditions. The Gamemaster: Cool, what do you do? Player 1: My Anchor is my father, so I seek him out. The Gamemaster: What do you usually do to get close to each other? Player 1: We talk sports. The Gamemaster: What are your conditions? Player 1: Upset and Scared. The Gamemaster: Okay, your father is sitting in front of the TV watching a game when you find him.

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Tales From The Loop,Tales from the Loop PDF Details

11/11/ · David Icke Tales From The Time Loop: Parapsychology: Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming: Internet Archive David Icke Tales From The Time Loop by Parapsychology 26/06/ · Packed with more than 30 step-by-step demonstrations that teach the skills you need to bring all your favorite characters to life no matter the genre, Kamui Cosplay 7/04/ · Download Tales From the Loop Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle The basis for the new Amazon Prime Original Series! Perfect for fans of E.T. and Stranger Things—the first narrative Tales from the Loop - Free League Workshop - The Bhargast (1).pdf Uploaded by Scott Tay Copyright: © All Rights Reserved Available Formats Download as PDF, TXT or read online Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Flag for inappropriate content of 15 TALES FROM THE LOOP Trwała II wojna światowa. Hitlerowskie Niemcy i Rosja Stalina posyłały na In this game, you play teenagers in the late Eighties, solving Mysteries connected to the Loop. Choose between character Types such as the Bookworm, the Troublemaker, the Popular Kid ... read more

Choose your Type. You should also write down things that you find useful when you are going to play the Kid in game, such as how she talks and moves, what clothes she wears, and so forth. Instead, they were useful for sentry duty and load carrying. There should preferably only be one Kid of each Type in the group. She throws things all over the house, and Dad has locked himself in the garage.

Everyday life. The Art of John Harris. The Gamemaster should cheer on the Kids just like you do with the heroes of a movie, but at the same time, put them in Trouble so that she can enjoy how they overcome it and solve the Mystery. If you want to write your own Relationships and NPCs, you need to do it together with the Gamemaster, tales from the loop pdf free download, so that those NPCs can easily be connected to the Locations in the Mystery Landscape. Like a comic book or a TV show episode, a Mystery has characters and a plot for the players to uncover. by Heidi Betts. The map should be put on the table for everyone to see.